June 22, 2009

Administrative note:

Some readers have mentioned that the number of items I include each day is kind of overwhelming, and also that it's confusing to see the same items in the weekly digests and the daily summaries. I do realize that the daily summaries get kind of long - I try to do them in a pretty unfiltered way, to give a representative sample of reading the whole paper (I'm doing this mostly for my own education). On the other hand, the non-hardcore Depression buffs among you shouldn't have to wade through a bunch of boring items like company reports to get to the more interesting stuff - that was the idea behind the weekly digest. I now think a better way to do things might be to separate the boring stuff out day by day, and let you click on an expand link if you want to see it. So we'll try it that way for now ...


  1. Your site works fantastically in Google Reader. If your readers find it clunky to read through the blog site, I recommend they try using a reader.

    The orange section headings seperate from the bold item headings makes things very easy to read and each post being equivalent to one day is very clear.

    Cudos for this effort!

  2. Dear Editor,

    Google Reader RSS feed works just fine. May I have a request - could you please mark your comment/opinion/elaboration using some other fond/color so that it is obvious that which one historical facts and which are not ? Thank you.

  3. Congratulations! ;) http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2009/06/23/58531/news-from-1930/

  4. congratulations. your blog is a wonderful idea and i have to say it's going "swine flu" on financial blogs right now.

    As far as formatting, i think the formatting shoudl reflect the newspapers, because knowing what's on the front page is also a reflection of views there and then. who are we to judge what is boring and what is not. But the current format is great as well. Can't wait till we end prohibition.

  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback - especially the compliments! :)

    I'm glad to hear the site works well in Google Reader. Does the new format mess things up there? If not, I still think I'll keep it for the benefit of Web readers.

    easystar, that's a good idea - will do.