September 1, 2009

Cleaning out the attic, Sept. 1, 1930

No Journal was published Monday, Sept. 1, 1930 or Tuesday, Sept. 2, 1930 due to the Labor Day holiday weekend. I'll be putting up some assorted fun and/or possibly informative stuff that I've accumulated instead.

1) A 1930 singoff: Here's a couple of 1930 versions of “My Baby Just Cares For Me:
Eddie Cantor from his 1930 film Whoopee,
a more uptempo 1930 version from Jack Payne,
and for good measure a modern version by Nina Simone.
Feel free to comment on which one is the best (the correct answer is the second). Also, make sure to check out the great Eddie Cantor 1930 version of Making Whoopee (I just put this up on the right side of the blog web page as well).

2) For the investors among you, a great effort by someone named Vinod. The bible of value investors, Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd, came out a few years after 1930, with weapons forged in the fires of the Depression. For those of us not up to wading through the full 800-odd pages at the moment, here's a summary of the book so you can at least get the flavor.

3) For both investors and non-investors, a pretty good interview with Charlie Munger from last spring on how we got into this mess and what we should be doing now (HT CR).

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