November 28, 2009

No Journal published Nov. 28, 1930

No Journal was published Friday, Nov. 28, 1930 following Thanksgiving.

Important Editorial Notice: Tomorrow we'll reach the six-month mark for this blog. Up to now, I've followed a pretty regimented format, summarizing just about every significant story from the Journal each day in 1930. I did this because I wanted to give the feel of reading a paper back then, minimizing the influence of hindsight. I therefore tried not to select stories based on future events (though some of that inevitably crept in), and mostly avoided commentary except for the weekly digests. The effort required to restrain myself from pontificating was stupendous, but I think I did a decent job overall of staying out of the way and presenting an unbiased record. At this point, I think the sample is long enough to give a good time capsule and capture the zeitgeist for those interested. I'm therefore going to try a more opinionated format - picking the stories I find most significant, and doing more analysis, blathering, and unfocused rambling. This will probably be more fun both to write and read, though less valuable as objective historical record. So, see you back in 2009 in a couple of days!


  1. Please do NOT stop doing what you have been doing. I can see that commenting will be more fun for you, but it is the balance of things which makes these pages so valuable. By all means add a section, but keep the newspaper of record aspect.

  2. i read you every day,great site. Comment just make font different. i will never forget as i was reading a story on your site & heard the same comments on CNBC. another time story about hunger your site my paper wow
    history repeats it's self