January 18, 2010

Weekly Blather Jan. 18, 1931

No Journal was published Sunday, Jan. 18, 1931. A video treat this week - from the Not Entirely Forgotten Geniuses department. A couple of performers that have popped up on these pages, captured on film from about that time, and in color yet!

The good news: the following is apparently the only surviving color footage of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who's popped up from time to time in the blog appearing in New York. The bad news: some idiot transferred the film with the wrong aspect ratio at some point, cutting off the most important part (the feet) from a large portion of the piece. Still some good shots, though.

Play "Bojangles (1930)" on Youtube

And an eye-popping dance from the one-of-a-kind Josephine Baker, who the blog mentions as performing in Paris, filmed in 1927 in Pathecolor:

Play "Josephine Baker -2- (1927)" on Youtube

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