March 1, 2010

The Irregular Blather Mar. 1, 1931

No Journal was published Sunday, Mar. 1, 1931. Still more movie fun, courtesy of Youtube.

Hal LeRoy was mentioned on Feb. 20 as an "unknown lanky youth in a white suit, all alone on the big stage to dance a few steps" who stopped the show in his Broadway debut in The Gang's All Here, a big-budget Oscar Hammerstein musical comedy involving bootlegging. Here's some pretty good footage of him dancing a few years later, though it has too many reaction shots.

>Play "Hal LeRoy" on Youtube

The play Topaze was reviewed Feb. 19: Topaze - comedy by Marcel Pagnol, presented in the original French at the Forty-ninth Street Theatre; "picture of a moralist to whom all the prizes of life are denied so long as he lives in fidelity to his code, but to whom, once he is forced unwittingly to become an opportunist, all things come, including the power of wealth, the recognition of his fellow men, and the favors of a beautiful woman." Here's an excerpt from a movie adaptation a few years later:

Play "Topaze" on Youtube

And here's a couple of items starring Beatrice Lillie, mentioned Feb. 18 as appearing at the Palace. A rather racy song:

Play "Snoops the Lawyer" on Youtube

And a sketch starring Lupino Lane and Beatrice Lillie as Napoleon and Josephine:

Play "Lillie and Lane" on Youtube

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