March 22, 2010

The Irregular Blather Mar. 22, 1931

No Journal was published Sunday, Mar. 22, 1931.

No time to blather today due to work emergency - here's a couple of videos of the week.

A kind of interesting mini-documentary on Gar Wood, mentioned Mar. 21: Speedboat Miss America IX, driven by Gar Wood, sets new record of 101.154 mph on Indian Creek.

Play "Gar Wood Story" on Youtube

And a pretty amusing trailer for The Hot Heiress, mentioned Mar. 20: first movie by musical comedy writing team of Fields, Rogers, and Hart. Workman meets beautiful heiress when a rivet he fails to catch while working on a skyscraper flies through her window and sets her apartment on fire; "bare and silly."

Play "The Hot Heiress trailer" on TCM

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